Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Horizons for Social Sciences and Humanities - Conference and Consultation

The Lithuanian Presidency of the EU is currently preparing a conference to discuss the new role of Socio-economic Sciences and Humanities SSH in the new EU research funding programme, Horizon2020, which will be launched at the end of this year. The conference will take place in Vilnius on 23-24 September 2013 (http://horizons.mruni.eu/).

The conference's steering committee has decided to launch an online consultation on how to shape the roles of SSH in “Horizon 2020”. The objective is to learn more about the current situation and the ambitions of the research community, but also to identify the needs and structural problems of specific fields, with an emphasis on their potential to contribute to the success of the Vision Europe 2020.

The consultation is circulated to the wider SSH research community, irrespective of whether individuals or institutions are already active in EU-funded research, but also to those SSH communities that have not yet been involved in EU-funding.  This may include researchers who are based outside Europe but are in cooperation with colleagues in Europe.

Results of the consultation will be made publicly accessible. They will also provide valuable input for the planned Vilnius declaration on “Horizons for Social Sciences and Humanities”.

The five questions to be answered until June 15th 2013 can be found here:

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