Wednesday, October 07, 2009

The new role(s) of social sciences

New issue of Science, Technology & Innovation Studies deals with the roles of social scientists and their expertise in participatory policy making.

It contains the following articles, free download here:

__ Priska Gisler/Silke Schicktanz
Introduction: Ironists, reformers, or rebels? Reflections on the role
of the social sciences in the process of science policy making

__ Gabriele Abels
Organizer, observer and participant. What role for social scientists
in different pTA models?

__ Maud Radstake/Annemiek Nelis/Eefje van den Heuvel-Vromans/Koen Dortmans
Mediating online DNA-Dialogues. From public engagement to
interventionist research

__ Kevin Burchell
A helping hand or a servant discipline? Interpreting non-academic
perspectives on the roles of social science in participatory

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