Friday, October 30, 2009

International KWALON Conference 'Is Qualitative Data Analysis Software really comparable?'

April 22-23, 2010
University for Humanistics, Utrecht, The Netherlands

"In this 2-day conference we want to explore the use of analysis software in a more methodological sense. The main theme of the conference is the intertwinement of qualitative data analysis, the use of software and the person analyzing. To that end, we've invited developers and users of qualitative analysis software to reflect on the use of CAQDAS. Developers of data analysis software will be presenting the results of their participation in an experiment we designed for them. Users of software present their experiences in working with software.

Press the link for further information about the Conference.
Paper proposals
can be submitted untill November 15, 2009. See the Call for Papers link above for further information. Registration for the Conference is open now and can be done with the online registration form above. The Conference fee is 165 Euro for Early Birds (untill November 30, 2009), and 225 Euro from December 1, 2009 onwards."

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