Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Conference: The Future of Social Sciences and Humanities, Oct 22-23 2009, Brussels


At the final conference of the SSH-FUTURES project commissioned by DG Research in the 6th Framework Programme in Brussels in October a workshop will be held on the topic of ‘The Future of Social Sciences and Humanities’. The conference will be a two-day event held. On the first day, the members of the SSH-FUTURES consortium will present the results of their study and discuss potential recommendations and conclusions. The second day will be devoted to the results of similar projects.

The main objective of the workshop is to discuss:

  • the achievement of Social Sciences and Humanities so far,
  • the potential of inter- and transdisciplinary research,
  • facilitators for and barriers to increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of the Social Sciences and Humanities,
  • the expectations of policy makers, NGOs and other funding organizations of the Social Sciences and Humanities and their potential to respond to these expectations.

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